Introduction to the Portuguese type Calacatta marble

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In this episode, we will be talking about a white marble from Portugal that is named after a famous Italian marble, the Calacatta.

The Portuguese-type Calacatta marble shows strong similarities and look to the original Italian Calacatta. This is a white marble, with a consistent white background, which is mostly known for its occasional brown to beige colored spiderweb vein structure.

The marble is extracted around the villages of Estremoz and Borba, located in the Alentejo region. This is the most important marble extraction area in Portugal, where dozens of well-developed marble quarries are located. It is here where other famous Portuguese marble such as the Rosa Portugal, Estremoz White, Ruivina are extracted.

This type of Calacatta marble is considered a high standard and exclusive white marble, due to its refined look, limited availability and huge demand. There are several variations of the Portuguese Calacatta marble, which are mostly defined by color, where pink, green or grey colors may appear on a blend with the white. But it is also defined by the amount of veins and pattern, which clearly defines the look and selection of the stone.

In terms of surface finishes, the Calacatta marble, like most white colored marble, is mostly used with a polished surface. This is the type of surface finish that most highlights the wonderful white background and unique spider-web brownish veins, showing a strong shine and elegant look. Additionally, surface finishes such as honed, brushed or split-face may be found.

This type of marble is ideal for interior applications, such as flooring and wall coverings, where it is normally used with a strong polished surface. It is also commonly found on some stonework, masonry, furniture design and diverse interior design applications. But it is on bathroom design where we have seen some of the most amazing designs, with wonderful applications showing flooring combined with wall coverings and showers.

Calacatta is a commercial name of what is known as a specific type of Estremoz marble. This is a very selective white marble, being closely compared to the finest Italian marble with the same name. The Portuguese alternative is becoming a serious option of white marble, as it shows some availability and is more competitive in terms of price. If compared to the most exclusive Italian marble, the Portuguese-type Calacatta is in fact a very affordable choice. This is a reliable marble to consider and a real alternative to more expensive white marble from places like Italy or Greece.

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