The Portuguese type Calacatta is a white colored marble, showing a very consistent and uniform white background and some occasional grey to brownish veins in some parts of its surface. This is another high standard white marble from Portugal that takes its name from the Italian Calacatta, due to its close similarities.

There are several variations of the Portuguese Calacatta marble, mostly defined by:
color: in addition to the dominant white color, there may be some blends with other colors such as pink, green, grey;
veins: mostly defined by the abundance of vein, which may be more or less;
pattern: the Portuguese-type Calacatta can show a cleaner or more complex background and veins pattern.

  • Calacatta Silver marble

    Calacatta Silver marble

  • Calacatta Rose marble

    Calacatta Rose marble

  • Calacatta Pink marble

    Calacatta marble alternative

Extraction area

The Portuguese type Calacatta marble is explored around the area between the cities of Estremoz and Vila Vicosa, which are located on the Southern part of Portugal, about 180km East of Lisbon and roughly 60km West of the border with Spain.

This area is located in the Alentejo region and considered the main extraction area for Portuguese marble, with long history of extraction and production of white marble.